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Mercy HouseMercy House is a non-profit organization founded in 1988 by Father Jerome T. Karcher. In the last 12 months, Mercy House has helped nearly 600 individuals remain in their homes, served nearly 2,000 people at access centers, aided more than 3,600 in emergency shelter programs, transitioned more than 190 people out of temporary shelters, and facilitated permanent housing for over 400. Donate directly!

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The Guatemala Aid Fund was started by Bethany Eisenberg Zeeb, who adopted two Guatemalan children and, as a result, learned firsthand of the plight of the abandoned children living in the underserved orphanages in Guatemala. What began as a personal campaign to donate funds and supplies to different programs aiding orphaned and sick children as well as handicapped adults, turned in to a full-fledged initiative dedicated to raising funds to help provide education, medical assistance and care to four programs, including the Luz de Fatima Orphanage.


News Release: 2.1.2013 No More Poverty Joins Guatemala Aid Fund to Fight Childhood Malnutrition