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Mercy HouseMercy House is a non-profit organization founded in 1988 by Father Jerome T. Karcher. In the last 12 months, Mercy House has helped nearly 600 individuals remain in their homes, served nearly 2,000 people at access centers, aided more than 3,600 in emergency shelter programs, transitioned more than 190 people out of temporary shelters, and facilitated permanent housing for over 400. Donate directly!

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CES7 Cofounder Charles Santacrose Succumbs to Heart Failure; Charity Donations Suggested

(PRWEB) September 10, 2013

It is with great sorrow that No More Poverty and its cofounders Dr. Michael Omidi and his brother Julian Omidi mourn the loss of Charles E. Santacrose, President and Cofounder of the charity Charitable Endowment Support (CES7). Santacrose will be remembered at a memorial service in Sun Valley, California on Saturday, September 14 and in lieu of flowers, donations to CES7 are encouraged.

No More Poverty Provides Multiple Surgeries by Supporting Watsi: Global Crowd-Sourcing that Helps Cure Medical Needs

(PRWEB) September 06, 2013

No More Poverty and the Omidi brothers fully fund the surgeries of two patients on Watsi's unique global crowdfunding platform for medical needs and contribute toward the surgeries of four other patients.

More Global Medical Needs Addressed Thanks to No More Poverty

(PRWEB) September 05, 2013

Watsi, an organization dedicated to increasing access to medical care in underdeveloped nations, thanks the Omidi Brothers and No More Poverty for their support. The non-profit provides a web-based global crowdfunding platform that enables anyone to donate as little as $5 to directly fund life-changing medical care for people in need.

Trip Two for New Operations for Hope Program Saves Dozens of Lives in the Philippines

(PRWEB) September 01, 2013

Charitable Endowment Support (CES7), in association with No More Poverty and its cofounders Dr. Michael Omidi and Julian Omidi, happily report that a second successful Philippines Medical Mission was completed in July 2013. The two charities are also pleased to announce a new medical mission program called Operations for Hope and the planning of another medical trip back to the Philippines in December 2013.

Two Successful Medical Missions to the Philippines Inspire Creation of Operations for Hope Program

(PRWEB) August 31, 2013

No More Poverty and cofounders Dr. Michael Omidi and Julian Omidi announce the formation of a new humanitarian program called Operations for Hope to coordinate and fund medical missions to bring healing to the world’s ailing and disenfranchised. The new program is an outcome of two successful, recent medical missions, cosponsored by Charitable Endowment Support (CES7), which provided life-saving medical care to nearly 80 people in the province of Bulacan, Philippines.