The founder of the Belize Inspiration Center, Kim Simplis Barrow, expresses gratitude to Julian Omidi and Dr. Michael Omidi, cofounders of No More Poverty, for their support. The Center which is scheduled for completion early next year will provide therapy and services to the poor and disabled children of Bel

 Kim Simplis Barrow, founder of the Belize Inspiration Center, appreciates the generous donation of Julian Omidi and Dr. Michael Omidi through and their charity, No More Poverty. Poor children in general do not have communities or services designed specifically for them and are therefore very vulnerable to the risks and dangers that pervade their lives. The center will provide daycare and afterschool programs, including computer training, sports, and the arts to children who are disadvantaged and children with disabilities.

“I have always believed that a society is judged by how it treats the most vulnerable of its residents,” says Kim Simplis Barrow, the founder of the Belize Inspiration Center. “As the first lady of Belize, I want to help our country grow in compassion and provide the necessary care for our impoverished children and those with disabilities in particular. I thank the Omidi brothers for helping us build this new center which I believe will truly make a difference in the lives of many.”

When it is complete in early 2014, the Belize Inspiration Center ( will give children support, care, stimulation and opportunities they need. It will provide a safe place for children to recreate and interact away from the crime and violence that permeates the Belizean society. The Center will cater to children 0-16 years, giving priority to those with special needs and disabilities to create a reverse “integration child care model.” It will also provide specific stimulation and childcare and will also train parents, helping them develop practices at home to stimulate and support their disabled child.

The wife of the Belize Prime Minister, Kim Simplis Barrow is a longtime advocate for children’s needs and is the impetus behind the Belize Inspiration Center. She also founded the Lifeline Foundation (, a successful charity relief organization that helps to provide food, medicine, clothing, and other necessities to children who lack these essentials due to poverty or natural disaster. Barrow currently serves as the country’s Special Envoy for Women and Children and the Global Ambassador for Special Olympics International.

No More Poverty ( is a not-for-profit charity organization (with a pending 501(c)3 application) founded by brothers Dr. Michael Omidi and Julian Omidi. The organization seeks to end poverty at home and abroad by supporting the efforts of like-minded charities and agencies. Current efforts are focused on increasing awareness of and donations to charities already doing great work to address poverty and its staggering effects throughout the world. The plan is to expand our activities to include fostering business development and job creation in disenfranchised areas.

Join us in the fight for No More Poverty. Suggestions for worthy partners in the fight for No More Poverty are welcome. No More Poverty does not accept monetary support, but instead encourages direct donations to the charities featured on the organization’s website. For more information, please visit the organization’s social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+.

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Source: PRweb Children’s Inspiration Center Thanks No More Poverty and the Omidi Brothers

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