Children’s after-school program, Hands for Hope is grateful to No More Poverty and co-founders, Michael Omidi and Julian Omidi for their support.

Hands for Hope (H4H) thanks No More Poverty and its co-founders Michael Omidi, MD and Julian Omidi. The organization provides a safe and supportive environment where at-risk youths are encouraged to evolve into their best selves thereby improving school work, creative expression, and life skills. Afternoon classes offered to “latch-key kids” include art, health and wellness, physical fitness, and tutoring to help with school lessons.

“We greatly appreciate the support of No More Poverty and the Omidi brothers,” says Lydia Floyd, Executive Director of Hands for Hope. “The programs we provide to children and their parents are so important and they make such a difference in their lives. We host several fundraising opportunities every year – a 5K walk-a-thon, resource fairs for single parents and the kids, and our premiere annual event, the Starlight Jazz Serenade. More information is available on our website. Please consider supporting our charity and its enrichment programs.”

About No More Poverty

No More Poverty ( is a not-for-profit charity organization with a pending 501(c)(3) application founded by brothers Michael Omidi, M.D. and Julian Omidi. The organization seeks to end poverty at home and abroad by supporting the efforts of like-minded charities and agencies. Current efforts are focused on increasing awareness of and donations to charities already doing great work to address poverty and its staggering effects throughout the world. The plan is to soon expand our activities to include fostering business development and job creation in disenfranchised areas.

Join us in the fight for No More Poverty. Suggestions for worthy partners in the fight for No More Poverty are welcome. No More Poverty does not accept monetary support, but instead encourages direct donations to the charities featured on For more information, please visit Facebook/ or

About Hands for Hope

Hands for Hope ( was founded in 2000 as an after-school and single parent resource program to serve predominately low-income minority youth and their families in North Hollywood. Created to address the “latchkey child” syndrome, H4H provides a safe a supportive environment where at-risk youth are nurtured and can evolve into their best selves. After-school programs provide a safe place to be from 3-7 pm, the crucial hours when many children are unattended, unsupervised and vulnerable to the many enticements of the streets. All classes are facilitated by volunteer instructors who are professionals in their respective fields. In addition to youth programming, Hands for Hope also offers helpful information sessions to the children’s single parents such as financial planning, caring for yourself and your kids, how to start a small business, and job search techniques. Its programs are dedicated to broadening horizons, developing talents, promoting self-esteem and instilling life preparation skills.

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Source: Yahoo News Hands for Hope Thanks No More Poverty for Helping Hand – Get Involved to Support At-Risk Youth

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