No More Poverty and co-founders Michael Omidi and Julian Omidi support Under the Bridges & On the Streets, a not-for-profit service organization serving homeless people throughout Los Angeles county.

Michael Omidi and Julian Omidi, through Under the Bridges & On the Streetstheir charity No More Poverty ( are the new supporters of Under the Bridges & On the Streets and their programs to serve thehomeless people throughout the Los Angeles area. Under the Bridges is a direct service organization of volunteers with an awareness of the heart who provide food and clothing to those in need. A special aspect of this program is that help is delivered directly where they live — in alleys, empty lots, wherever the homeless gather and live.

“They are families with children who have nowhere to go. People who have fallen through the cracks of society and are in dire need. These are the homeless who are fed and clothed every month by Under the Bridges,” says Julian Omidi, co-founder of No More Poverty. “We want to give back to the community by supporting Under the Bridges.”

ABOUT Under the Bridges & On the Streets

Under the Bridges & On the Streets is a 501(c)3, not-for-profit hands-on service organization that serves homeless people throughout the county of Los Angeles. Established in 1993, it is dedicated to serving those who are unable to utilize or access shelters and soup kitchens. Program volunteers physically take food to the homeless where they live and congregate – on the streets, under bridges, and in camps. When available, the organization also distributes clothes, shoes, blankets and toiletries to those in need. Program volunteers believe in the dignity of the individual and strive to enhance the lives of those they serve as well as those who serve. More information about Under the Bridges is at:

ABOUT No More Poverty

No More Poverty ( is a not-for-profit charity organization (with a pending 501(c)3 application) founded by brothers Michael Omidi, M.D. and Julian Omidi. The organization seeks to end poverty at home and abroad by supporting the efforts of like-minded charities and agencies. Current efforts are focused on increasing awareness of and donations to charities already doing great work to address poverty and its staggering effects throughout the world. The plan is to soon expand our activities to include fostering business development and job creation in disenfranchised areas.

Join us in the fight for No More Poverty. Suggestions for worthy partners in the fight for No More Poverty are welcome. No More Poverty does not accept monetary support, but instead encourages direct donations to the charities featured on For more information, please visit Facebook/ or

Source: Los Angeles, California (PRWEB) Michael Omidi & Julian Omidi, Co-founders of No More Poverty ( Support Under the Bridges and Help “Take it to the Streets” for the Homeless

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