No More Poverty and its co-founders, Julian Omidi and Dr. Michael Omidi, are reaching out to the country’s homeless children, joining with Project Night Night to provide care packages to those living in shelters.

The Omidi Brothers and No More Poverty are partnering with the organization Project Night Night to provide homeless children with care packages. Homeless children endure unimaginable stresses and traumas as a direct result of shelter or street living. Lack of sleep, proper nutrition, socialization and persistent exposure to potential threats can have devastating effects upon a child’s future behaviors.

“Project Night Night offers homeless children a bit of comfort and support, and we are very happy to help this organization provide aid on an even larger scope,” says Dr. Michael Omidi, co-founder of No More Poverty. “Homeless children are such a vulnerable segment of the homeless population, not only physically but emotionally and developmentally. We need to do all we can to rescue these kids.”

Project Night Night ( provides more than 25,000 care packages to homeless children every year, from newborns to pre-adolescents. These care packages consist of a stuffed animal, an age appropriate book, a blanket and a tote bag. The packages are free of charge, and are distributed to homeless shelters throughout the United States.

There are approximately 298,000 homeless families in the United States. Currently, there are more homeless children in the U.S. than at any other time since the Great Depression. Nonetheless, family homelessness often goes unseen as most homeless families do not live on the street.

Statistically, children who have experienced homelessness are more likely to become dependent on alcohol or narcotics; participate in criminal behavior or engage in unhealthy or abusive relationships. Moreover, homeless children tend to suffer academically due to the instability and of their living situations. By providing children with packages that encourage learning, foster comfort and give families the opportunity to develop stronger relationships by reading together, Project Night Night helps diminish some of the negative effects of homelessness and shelter living.

No More Poverty ( is a not-for-profit charity organization (with a pending 501(c)3 application) founded by brothers Dr. Michael Omidi and Julian Omidi. The organization seeks to end poverty at home and abroad by supporting the efforts of like-minded charities and agencies. Current efforts are focused on increasing awareness of and donations to charities already doing great work to address poverty and its staggering effects throughout the world. The plan is to expand our activities to include fostering business development and job creation in disenfranchised areas.

Join us in the fight for No More Poverty. Suggestions for worthy partners in the fight for No More Poverty are welcome. No More Poverty does not accept monetary support, but instead encourages direct donations to the charities featured on the organization’s website. For more information, please visit the organization’s social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+.

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Source: PRweb No More Poverty Joins with Project Night Night Providing Comfort to Homeless Children Nationwide

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