No More Poverty and co-founders Michael Omidi and Julian Omidi support Vittana and its global educational lending programs.

No More Poverty and its co-founders Michael Omidi, MD and Julian Omidi are new supporters of the educational microloan charity Vittana. With a strong belief that education is a powerful tool in the fight against global poverty, Vittana connects students with lenders who finance their education and training needs. Vittana currently operates in 12 developing countries around the world. Education is empowering and the loans facilitated by Vittana help to increase the opportunities and life potential for students, their families, and entire communities.

“Education has been a life-changing aspect of my life and that of my brother, Michael. I believe it can do the same for others,” says Julian Omidi, co-founder of No More Poverty. “We are pleased to support the ingenuity of Vittana and its work to break the cycle of poverty through education and training.”

Welcomed to the philanthropic scene only four years ago, Vittana ( has been called innovative and a “game changer.” It partners with microfinance institutions throughout the developing world to create and support student lending programs. Its mission is to empower young people with the education and training they need to build a life of prosperity and opportunity. Every one of the students featured on Vittana’s website is real. All sponsors have to do is pick one, and then put them through school. Donated money goes directly to the student, who then has between six months and three years to pay back the loan. Incredibly, 99.8 percent of Vittana’s partnering students repay their loans in full. Since its launch in 2008, Vittana has loaned nearly $2.5 million to more than 6,000 students in 12 countries around the world. Its vision is a world of opportunity, where educated minds and skillful hands work together to uplift the next generation, breaking the cycle of poverty.

No More Poverty ( is a not-for-profit charity organization with a pending 501(c)3 application founded by brothers Michael Omidi, M.D. and Julian Omidi. The organization seeks to end poverty at home and abroad by supporting the efforts of like-minded charities and agencies. Current efforts are focused on increasing awareness of and donations to charities already doing great work to address poverty and its staggering effects throughout the world. The plan is to expand our activities to include fostering business development and job creation in disenfranchised areas.

Join us in the fight for No More Poverty. Suggestions for worthy partners in the fight for No More Poverty are welcome. No More Poverty does not accept monetary support, but instead encourages direct donations to the charities featured on For more information, please visit Facebook/ or

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Source: Yahoo News No More Poverty Supports Vittana’s Vision of Education Spurring a World of Increased Opportunity

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